About me



My journey, skills and experience

I have experienced art  in my own life as a powerful healing tool.

I studied Criminology at Birkbeck University, London,

and worked for Victim Support before coming back to my first

love, art, in my late 20's. 

As well as learning and teaching many technical elements over 

the years, art has led me to a place of profound insight and 


I have studied at the Institute of Art Therapy and Education in

Islington, London, and a year of Masters Level Art 

Psychotherapy at  the University of Roehampton before having 

my second child.

Over the last seven years,  I have worked at Surrey County 

Council in various part-time roles, which provide added 

richness and professional development for my freelance work, 

and vice versa.

I am currently undertaking an MSc in Child, Adolescent and 

Families Mental Health at Sheffield Hallam University.

I am passionate about inclusivity, participation, hearing all 

client voices and understanding lived experiences to continually 

strive for best practices.

I run art workshops in a wide range of settings:

  •  schools
  •  prisons
  • care homes
  • women's refuge
  • with under-privileged children
  • with excluded children
  • hospice
  • adults with mental health issues
  • sheltered housing with older people